Siwa Oasis

Egypt Holidays at Siwa Oasis:
Isolated by hundreds of kilometers of desert, Siwa Oasis remained virtually independent from Egypt until the late nineteenth century, sustaining a unique culture. Yet despite – or

Farafra Oasis

Egypt holidays at Farafra Oasis:
Farafra Oasis is renowned for its White Desert, which many tourists visit on safaris from Bahariya rather than from the oasis “capital”, Qasr al-Farafra, a one-horse town if ever

El-Kharga Oasis

Egypt Holidays at Kharga Oasis:
Despite being the nearest of the oases to Luxor and the capital of the New Valley, Kharga Oasis gets far fewer tourists than the others. El-Kharga, the “capital”

Dakhla Oasis

Egypt Holidays at Dakhla Oasis:
Verdant cultivated areas and a rugged escarpment across the northern horizon make a feast for the eyes in Dakhla Oasis. Partitioned by dunes into more or

Bahariya Oasis

Egypt holidays at Bahariya Oasis:
Bahariya Oasis is the smallest of the four oasis depressions, only 94km long and 42km wide. In the Late Cretaceous era, 94 million years ago, this


Egypt holidays at Sakkara:
Sakkara is one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Egypt, it was the cemetery for Memphis the capital of ancient Egypt.
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